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Field Support

If you work in a GBV sub-cluster (or equivalent) and need support for coordination, information management, or any other issue related to the work of the GBV sub-cluster, please contact the GBV AoR Coordination Team by emailing them on the Contact Page.

Help Desk

The GBV AoR Helpdesk is a free and confidential research and technical advice service for people working to prevent and respond to gender-based violence (GBV) in emergencies. Managed by Social Development Direct on behalf of the GBV Area of Responsibility, the Helpdesk is staffed by a global roster of senior GBV advisors who are on standby to support frontline GBV responders to ensure their work is in line with feminist principles and the latest research, evidence and learning on what works to address GBV No question is too big or small for the Helpdesk. We’ll always try our best to help, but if we can’t, we’ll signpost you to people that can. Just email us at


The GBV AoR Helpdesk produces a suite of knowledge products that explore emerging issues and synthesizes the latest research, evidence and learning on what works to prevent, mitigate and respond to GBV in emergencies. We strive to ensure all of our knowledge products are written in a clear, succinct and accessible style. This helps to ensure that complex research, evidence and learning can reach as wide a readership as possible and be utilized across many levels in different countries and contexts. We strive to translate our knowledge products into French, Spanish and Arabic and are open to further requests to help the global GBV community overcome language barriers.

Email us at


The GBV AoR Helpdesk is staffed by a global roster of senior GBV advisors who are on standby to provide technical support to frontline GBV responders working to prevent, mitigate and respond to GBV in emergency contexts. We can help ensure your work is in line with feminist principles and the latest research, evidence and learning on what works to address GBV. Is there a particular assessment or programme you’re designing? We can review the tools you’re planning to use as part of your assessment and your proposed programme design, including theories of change and logical frameworks. Is there a particular issue around programme implementation you’d like to discuss? We can match you with a member of our Roster who can provide confidential guidance on any issue you are facing, say with respect to GBV case management or the management of women and girl-friendly safe spaces. Remember, no question is too big or small to ask. We’ll try our best to help, but if we can’t, we’ll try to signpost you to other people that can. And please remember our services are confidential and FREE of charge, thanks to the support of UNICEF and the GBV AoR.

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Community of Practice

community of practice


  • An online virtual community of GBV specialists working in humanitarian emergency settings 
  • We bring a mix of experiences, backgrounds, roles, types of organization, geographic locations, nationalities, cultures, and ages
  • Mainly conducted in English; French and Spanish posts are supported


  • We share common experiences, a sense of purpose in our work, and a commitment to gender equality
  • We want to deepen our understanding, strengthen our abilities, and broaden our networks
  • We have a shared aim of increasing the overall effectiveness of prevention and response to GBV in emergencies


  • We share experiences and learn about others’ perspectives and experiences
  • We strengthen our ability to deal with the challenges and complexities of GBViE
  • We gain deeper insight and understanding
  • We challenge our own and others’ assumptions 
  • We learn about new and emerging good practices, standards, tools, and research
  • We gain new knowledge 
  • We broaden our networks beyond our current deployment or organization and interact with senior GBViE specialists, academics, and local women’s organizations


You want to engage with your professional colleagues in an active and respectful community of GBViE specialists around the world – sharing your expertise and learning from others while contributing to the collective body of knowledge for supporting survivors and designing effective prevention.

Click here to learn more about the Membership Criteria 


The online CoP platform is in English, so you must have enough English language skills to complete an application, activate your membership, and navigate the website. We support French and Spanish language discussions for members who are more comfortable sharing in those languages. We are unable to provide translation, although many members use “Google Translate” to help them participate. Most discussions are in English.



The application and screening processes are automated. When you begin with Step 1, you will receive a series of automated messages from the CoP online platform.

Step 1. Request Application: Go to and choose “Apply for membership in this group”

Step 2. Apply: Check your email for an invitation and link for completing a membership application. Fill the online Application Form. 

Step 3. Screening: CoP moderators review your application. Most applications are approved; occasionally Moderators will request more information.

Step 4. Activate Your Membership:  You will receive an email with instructions and links for activating your membership. You must agree to the community standards and complete an online bio in the member directory. 

Step 5. Membership: Start participating in a vibrant and supportive community of experts! 



Find out more about the GBV AoR Community of Practice here

If you do not wish to apply, but have questions or would like more information, email us at


Child and Adolescent Survivor Initiative

CASI Community of Practice

The purpose of the Child Protection (CP)/Gender-based Violence (GBV) Community of Practice (CoP) is to improve linkages between CP and GBV actors to ensure that child and adolescent survivors of sexual abuse in humanitarian settings receive response services that meet their diverse and specific needs. The CP/GBV CoP is a key activity of the Child and Adolescent Survivors Initiative (CASI), led by the CP and GBV AoRs in partnership with the International Rescue Committee and NORCAP. 

To learn more about the CP/GBV CoP, please contact

Remote and Field Support

The Child and Adolescent Survivors Initiative (CASI) seeks to improve the quality of and access to services for child and adolescent survivors of sexual abuse in emergencies. Through the partnership of the Global Child Protection (CP) Area of Responsibility (AoR) and Gender-based Violence (GBV) AoRs, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), and the Norwegian Capacity (NORCAP) expert deployment, CASI provides inter-agency support to country-level CP and GBV coordination mechanisms and service providers on the response to child and adolescent survivors. For more information on types of support offered by CASI, criteria for remote and in-country support and contact information see the menu of options .

For more information on CASI activities in the four pilot countries (Iraq, Myanmar, Niger and Sudan) see this folder.